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Canada Games Gold

LMHF Alumni Lea Dumais and Alexandria Calderone with their Gold Medals from The Canada Games

2016 LMHF Annual General Meeting

All members have received a notification of the meeting by email, but the documents are available here as well:

Lakeshore 2014-15 Wall of Fame

ATCC (Tigers) ~ Dodge Cup BRONZE



MDT-BF (Wings de Westlake) ~ Dodge Cup SILVER

MDT-AF (Wild de Westlake)  ~ Dodge Cup BRONZE

BTMAAF Selects ~ Dodge Cup BRONZE

MDTAAF Selects ~ Dodge Cup SILVER

Tournament Results:

ATBB (Panthers): Champions ~ St-Michel Tournament

ATBB (Panthers) : Champions ~ Brossard Tournament

ATCC (Tigers):  Champions ~ Verdun National Atom Tournament

MDT-BF (Wings) :  Champions ~ Ottawa GCGH Kickin IceTournament

MDT-BF (Wings):  Finalists ~ Glenngary Tournament

MDT-AF (Wild):  Champions ~ Laval Tournament

NVA (Tigs): Champions ~ Gloucester Cougar Cup

NVA (Jags): Finalists ~ Gloucester Cougar Cup

NVC (Jags):  LaSalle

ATA (Lions):  Finalists ~ Cumberland Tournament

ATB (Tigs):  Champions ~ St-Robert Provincial Tournament

PWA (Tigs):  Champions ~ St-Albans Tournament

PWA (Tigs) : Finalists ~ Cote St Luc Outdoor Classic

PWA (Leops):  Finalists ~ Plattsburgh Road Runner Rumble

PWB (Leops):  Champions ~ Rigaud Tournament

PWB (Jags) :  Champions ~ L’Ile-Bizard Provincial Tournament

PWB (Lions) : Finalists ~ Tournoi TOM

PWB (Lions) : Finalists ~ Gloucester Cougar Cup

BTMA (Lions):  Champions ~ Ville St.Laurent Tournament

BTMA (Jags) :  Champions ~ Green Mountain Avalanche Tournament

First overall in their LSL season:

ATBB (Panthers) * ATCC (Tigers) * PWCC (Panthers)

BTMBB (Panthers) * MDTBB (Panthers)

First Overall in their CHL season:

ATA (Lions) * ATB (Leops) * PWB (Leops)

SL Regional Representatives:

NNVA (Jags) * NVB (Lions) *  NVC (Jags) 

ATA  (Lions) * ATB (Leops) * ATC (Leops)

PWA (Leops) * PWB (Leops)  * PWC  (Jags)

BTMA  (Tigers)* BTMB (Leops) 

MDTA (Leops) * MDTB (Leops)

LSL Regional Playoff Results:

ATC (Leops) ~ ATC Regional  Finalists

ATB (Leops) ~ ATB Regional Finalists

ATCC (Tigers) ~ Regional Champions

BTMBB ~ Regional Champions

BTMCC (Tigers) ~ Lions division Champions

MDTAA ~ Regional Champions

BTMAAA ~ Regional Champions

CHL Playoff Results :

NVA (Jags) ~  NVA CHL Champions

NVA (Tigs) ~  NVA CHL Finalists

ATA (Lions) ~ ATA CHL ChampionsATA (Leops) ~ ATA CHL Finalists

ATB (Leops) ~ ATB CHL Champions

ATC (Leops) ~ ATC CHL Finalists

PWB (Lions) ~ PWB CHL Champions

BTMA (Lions) ~ BTMA Finalists

MDTA (Leops) ~ MDTA Finalists

Dodge Cup Representatives:  (Regional Champions)

ATCC (Tigers) ~ Dodge Cup BRONZE



 MDT-BF (Wings de Westlake) ~ Dodge Cup SILVER

MDT-AF (Wild de Westlake) ~ Dodge Cup BRONZE

BTMAAF Selects ~ Dodge Cup BRONZE

MDTAAF Selects ~ Dodge Cup SILVER

 PW-AF (Wild de Westlake)* PW-BF (Wild de Westlake )

BTM-AF (Wild de Westlake) * BTM-BF (Wild de Westlake)

JR-AF (Wild de Westlake)


Lakeshore Hosted Teams:

BTMAAF : Champions (Cornwall Tournament)
BTMAAF :  2014 League Champions LHFDQ / LSL Regional Champions
MDTAAA (Mdt Espoir Tigers) :  Bronze (La Baie tournament / Gatineau tournament)
MDTAAA (Mdt Espoir Tigers) :  1st overall in season

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