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Atom (ages 9-10)

The Atom program begins in early to mid August with a hockey school style training program which consists of drills on individual skills and learning the basic techniques of the sport.

The groups are formed based on the players’ age, previous team, caliber and rating of previous coach (if available). It is important to note that the group placement DOES NOT indicate the final placement of your child. This is only done at the end of all evaluation sessions. The groups are formed to allow the kids to compete with players of similar caliber and age.

At the end of the training sessions, players are divided into single letters and double letters. Single letters is the Recreation program and Double letters is the Competitive program.

Double letter

For the Competitive program, an evaluation committee selects the top players to make up these teams based on their abilities. The Double letter teams are on the ice an average of 3-4 times per week and a firm commitment is required for all sessions. There are also additional fees for the double letter competitive program.

Beginning mid-October, the double letter teams begin a 24 game schedule against all other teams in the Lions Division of the Lac St Louis region.

Single letter

For the Recreation program, teams are formed and classified in A, B or C depending mainly on the caliber of the players.

Beginning mid-October, the teams will then compete in the Central Hockey League which includes Lakeshore, Pierrefonds, DDO, West-Island and Ile Bizard.

The Atom Single letter teams are usually on the ice an average of 1-2 times per week. This could be on weekends or weeknights and varies week to week.

Each team will play 18 games as well as receive 2 practices per month from Lakeshore. In some cases depending on the coaching staff and parents, teams may purchase additional practice times as well as participate in tournaments which will increase the frequency of their weekly activities.

As hockey is a team sport please note that players are expected to be at both practices and games. An odd absence is acceptable providing that the coach is advised but the player is expected to attend all team sessions so as not to penalize the team.

Disclaimer: While every attempt has been made to provide, clear, accurate and detailed information, the LMHF reserves the right to make changes as circumstances warrant.

2016-2017 Atom PIJE Schedule


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