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Pre-Novice (ages 5-6)

The pre-novice program begins the 3rd weekend of September and continues until late March. Full equipment is required for all sessions. There are 2 sessions per week which are held every Saturday AND Sunday between 8h00-13h00. From September until December the kids learn and practice many of the basic skills on both days.

In January teams are made and the kids will then practice on Saturdays and play games on Sundays. There are no permanent goalies in pre-novice but instead each player will take a turn playing goalie during the games.

Players are expected to attend all sessions in order to benefit from the program.

Disclaimer: While every attempt has been made to provide, clear, accurate and detailed information, the LMHF reserves the right to make changes as circumstances warrant.

For more information on the Pre-Novice program, click here.

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