Lakeshore Minor Hockey Federation’s roots can be traced back to 4 founding minor hockey associations: Baie d’Urfe Minor Hockey, Beaconsfield Minor Hockey, Kirkland Minor Hockey and Saint Anne de Bellevue/Senneville Minor Hockey. In 1996 the 4 associations merged to form the Lakeshore Minor Hockey Federation.


Lakeshore Minor Hockey Federation’s mission and objective is to encourage, govern, organize and develop minor hockey programs while promoting and fostering sportsmanship, fair competition, development and safety for minor hockey players of all skill levels and interest.


The Lakeshore Minor Hockey’s primary focus is to provide a total, well-rounded and positive hockey experience for the players, coaches, officials, and parents. For players, the emphasis will be on the development of each and every player so that their experience with Lakeshore Minor Hockey will encourage them to continue their participation in hockey as players, coaches or officials. For coaches and officials, Lakeshore Minor Hockey will emphasize continuing education and training so that our participants will enjoy the best hockey experience possible. For parents, our focus is on providing an enjoyable atmosphere for all spectators.


Lakeshore Minor Hockey Federation includes approximately more or less 1,000 boys and girls from the ages of 4 to 21 playing minor hockey at both competitive and recreational levels. The program includes the cities of Beaconsfield, Kirkland, St. Anne de Bellevue, Baie d’Urfe & Senneville. Lakeshore hockey is an organization within the Lac St Louis hockey region which is a member of Hockey Quebec which in turn is a member of Hockey Canada.




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