OPTION 2 – Member was never registered in any hockey program in Canada but other family member was registered in previous season(s) with Hockey Lakeshore

  1. Send an Email to the Lakeshore Hockey Registrar with the below information
    1. First and Last name of new member being registered
    2. Contact Email address
    3. Contact Phone number
    4. Full legal address (note: must be within the Lakeshore territory)
    5. Electronic copy of birth certificate and/or RAMQ card of member being registered
  2. Once you receive confirmation from Lakeshore Hockey Registrar that the member was added you can proceed to follow the below step
    1. Login into your HCR profile and make sure all members are linked to master profile if not already done.
    2. Select the “Register” under “My Organizations” in the main page “Dashboard”
    3. In the Lakeshore Hockey registration page select “View Online Stores” and then choose “Register Now” which will allow you to start the registration including payment
      • You can select the member to register using first and last name and date of birth or if you know the HCR ID of the member you can simply only enter the ID
    4. PLEASE take the time to  update any contact info that needs updating (emails/phones, etc.)



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