We thought it would be very useful to provide you with some insight into how the program operates. Our intention is to provide you with information on what to expect as you move on up in the program.


Lakeshore hockey is an organization within the Lac St Louis hockey region which is a member of Hockey Quebec which in turn is a member of Hockey Canada.

Hockey Canada
Hockey Quebec
Hockey Lac St-Louis
Lakeshore Minor Hockey Federation

The Lakeshore program is run almost entirely by volunteers and given the size and complexity of the program it requires year round management. The board members of LMHF include:

  • President - Lakeshore Minor Hockey Federation
  • President of Beaconsfield Minor Hockey
  • President of St Anne de Bellevue/Baie d’Urfé/Senneville Minor hockey
  • Vice-president LMHF Hockey Programs
  • Vice-president Hockey Feminin
  • Treasurer

The Lakeshore program also includes other appointed volunteer and paid part-time positions

Volunteer Positions

  • Category General Managers for all Single Letter categories at each level who are instrumental assisting with the organization of the season
  • Team Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers

Note: Lakeshore Minor Hockey has a very strict policy for background checks of all its volunteers. All coaches, assistant coaches, managers and team personnel are required to fill in a police background verification form. Everyone must complete a Lakeshore Hockey verification form.

Paid positions

  • Lakeshore Registrar who handles registrations, team contracts, tournament permits, etc
  • Lakeshore Ice Scheduler who handles the scheduling of all games and practices for all teams
  • Lakeshore Officials Scheduler who handles the scheduling of all officials and timekeepers


Lakeshore Minor Hockey has an agreement with Rapid Hockey for technical coordination, Mr. Greg Orsini is responsible Rapid Hockey and reports to the Laskeshore Hockey board. Rapid Hockey is available to assist all Lakeshore teams with any and all technical aspects of the game. Rapid Hockey  has a vast array of experience in teaching and evaluating hockey skills and is available to all teams both at the Single letter and Double letter levels.


Lakeshore receives support from Kirkland and Beaconsfield in the form of a reduced rental rate for ice.

Since St Anne de Bellevue, Baie D’urfe and Senneville do not have their own arena, their President requests a financial contribution based on the number of players from those particular cities. This contribution keeps registrations costs equal for all Lakeshore players in Lakeshore.

Lakeshore also rents ice at MacDonald College Arena, NTR Arena as well as other arenas in the area to supplement our programs.


Annual General Meetting (AGM) - In the spring of each year (under normal circumstances), Lakeshore Minor Hockey holds an annual general meeting whereby board members position are open for nomination and elected for the following 2 years. The AGM is also the time when all financial aspects of LMHF are presented to all members. The presentation also includes an open question period whereby any member can request further information or details.

Summer Hockey - Each year parents may hear about AAA hockey. Although you may see many familiar faces and even some coaches you also know, it is important to note that this has nothing to do with Lakeshore hockey. Participating in these programs has absolutely no impact on coach or player selection in the Lakeshore Hockey program.

Also note that Lakeshore Hockey does not endorse any particular hockey school



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